1996 Phoenix & Arabeth
Body Design & Tattoo Services

Bodysuit design mannikan of Maude Adams for
daily make-up matching in movie "Tattoo"
property of Lyle Tuttle/Tattoo Museum of San Francisco

"Perhaps I can allay your misgivings by briefly describing the composition I have in mind ---

your face will be a still-life delicately balancing a clay pipe, a deck of Tarot cards, a bowl of tangerines and a dead grouse;

your neck will be given to religious subjects such as "The Annunciation," "The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian" and "The Old Rugged Cross" to name but a few;

"The Defenestration of Prague (July 30, 1419)," "Attack of the Visigoths under Alaric II" and "The Demise of Warren Harding" grace your back;

your shoulders and breasts will be covered with scenes of Pagan Mythology which I won't go into at this time;

your midriff and loins will be done in landscapes --- picturesque windmills and the like;

your buttocks will be devoted to lyrical themes such as "Fortitude Slaying Avarice with the Lance of Sagacity";

dancing Silesian weavers and other rustic motifs will enhance your legs;

studies of songbirds of the southwestern United States will run up your arms ending with a flourish of floral filigree work in your armpits!

I haven't yet decided what to do with your feet or your ears! In any case, the whole thing shall be set off by the stirring Motto emblazoned on a flowing banner:


-------Michael O'Donoghue, The Adventures of PHOEBE ZEIT-GEIST

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It must be used positively to impact personal transformation,
human transformation and planetary transformation."

----Phoenix & Arabeth

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