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Fire Festivals

Dates & locations of annual fire ceremonies

last Tuesday of January
Up-Helly-Aa Lerwick, Shetland Islands.
Norse ancestors welcomed the return of the sun god with Yule,
a 24-day period of feasting, storytilling, and bonfires. The last night
of the festival was caalled up-Helly-Aa or “End of the Holy Days.”
A 30’+ model Viking boat is carried in night procession and burned with torches.

Jan 27
Birthday of Zoroaster, 6th cent. BC Persian fire-prophet

Jan 31
Celtic - Traditional Eve of Imbolc (Brigid's Day)

Feb 1
Ireland - Feast day of Gaelic Christian Saint Bridget

Feb 5
Malta - the Feast of St. Agatha
patron saint of fire-fighters, nurses and bellringers

Feb 26
Armenia - Day of Mihr (Mithra), the fire god

Feb 28
Luxembourg - Burg Sonndeg
Bonfires invoke returning power of the sun

March 19-20
Spring Equinox - ancient fire feast of Oestre
Fire-walking is held in conjunction with Vernal observances
in China, India and Southeast Asia.

Apr 2
Yorkshire, England - Eve of St. Mark

Apr 30
Europe - Walpurgis Night

May 1
May Day, the ancient Beltane

May 19-21
Bulgaria & northern Greece - Ayia Eleni, Langada Mavrolefki
Anastenarides Christian sect celebrate the Orthodox feast of
Sts. Constantine & Helen.

Jun 6
England - annual chain of bonfires begun on Snow Hill
by the Queen of England

Jun 20-21
Europe - Midsummer's Eve / summer solstice
bonfires & torch processions

Jun 24
Peru - the Incas annually kindled a new fire with a concave mirror
at the golden Temple of the Sun
on this day of winter solstice (Southern Hemisphere)

Jul 2
Celtic - Feast of Cerridwen
firegoddess who stirs up transcendant awareness in her cauldron

Jul 17
China - Birth of the Fire God

Jul 26
Mayan New Year
the priests ritually created new fire with a fire drill

Jul 29
Norway - Olsok Eve - bonfires lit for Saint Olav, a Viking king

Aug 10
Christian - Saint Lawrence, invoked for protection from fire

Aug 16-17
Japan - Daimonji - mountaintop bonfires for ancestor festival

Aug 17-20
An intimate gathering of serious Fire Workers
in the coastal range near Santa Cruz, CA

Aug 23
Ancient Rome - Vulcanalia

Aug 28-Sept 4

THE Burning Man
[Photo by Amole]

The gargantuan gathering of fire-friendly folks
in the toasty, dusty, windy Nevada desertlands
where a small temporary city (15,000 + ) is built and burned

Sep 7
Ancient Egypt - Day of the Going Forth of the Great Flame
in honor of the fire-spitting cobra goddess

Sep 13
Persia - Farvardian - Zoroastrian day of recalling the fiery spirits
of the departed at the Towers of Silence
Egypt - Lighting of the Fire Ceremony
statues & images of gods & ancestors illuminated at night

Sep 17
Japan - the ancient Shinto fire-ordeal is called Hi-watari

Sept 21-22
Autumn Equinox - ancient harvest fire festival

Sep 27
Ethiopia - Maskal Festival - torch parade & all-night bonfire

Nov 5
England - Guy Fawkes Day

Nov 8
Japan - Fuigo Matsuri - Shinto Feast of the Bellows
honors the goddess of the hearth fire

Nov 11

Nov 15
Rome - Day of Etruscan fire-goddess Feronia

Dec 2
Hopi - Wuwuchim - new fire ceremony (8 days)

December 21
Winter Solstice

Dec 31
West Samoa - annual fire dance
Zuni - New Fire Ceremony, culmination of Solstice celebrations

Data researched and compiled by Phoenix & Arabeth
for the One-World Global Calendar

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